Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interwrite Board

I am so excited! I have been wanting a SMART board for the longest and now I have one! Yay! I have seen so many neat activities that are free or on TPT to use with them. The problem is that it is an Interwrite board, not a SMART board. The files have a different extension. Does anyone know where I can find ready-made activities for the Interwrite? I wonder if the ones from Lakeshore can be used on Interwrite? Is there a way to convert .notebook files to .gwb? I know some of my blog buddies out there can help! Thanks!


Mrs. Gaither said...

You are awesome and I want to thank you for all the inspiration you provide so I passed the Versatile Blogger Award your way!
Come over and grab the button!
Meet me at the zoo…

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