Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Summary

Month of June:  nothing but relaxing!  This is where I spent (almost) the entire month!  My skin is going to look like worn leather!  Oh yeah, I watched TV.  Too much TV.  Didn't even read a book.  I'm ashamed of myself.

I did do one real job these last few days of June.  I have made a set of close reads for our big FARM unit in September.  I have just uploaded it to TeachersPayTeachers.  If you are interested, click on the photo.  I started using close reads last year and they are wonderful!  I have never seen that much improvement in my kids' reading from one single change!  Really.

Month of July:
1.  Catch up on the blog book studies.
2.  Spend some time working in my classroom.  Painting shelves and organizing Word Work Center.
3.  Cook more.  Maybe.  Maybe not.