Monday, June 18, 2012

I've been nominated!

fast degree programs
Wow!  I'm honored!  I was nominated for this award despite the fact that I haven't posted since March!  Let me catch you up. (The really short version!)  April was hectic.  May was more hectic.  Lots of relaxing since school was out, really haven't accomplished a thing!  I did trim bushes one day.  Now I have poison ivy!  Lots of it!  Never again!  Now I'm watching the guys building a pool in our backyard!  Lots of relaxation to come! Ahhhhh!

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TammySF. said...

Congrats on your nomination!! I just found your blog and now following you:)
I wanted to invite you over to my site! I've got some great resources that I just posted and I know you would love to have them for your little ones....there's going to be a giveaway EVERY Day for the next 5 days!! WooHoo!!

1...2...3...Teach With Me

Sharon Dudley said...

Karen, congratulations on the pool! I've always wanted to do that. I find myself working over the summer, making new things because I'm going back to kindergarten after 3 years of pre-k. If you have a free second, please stop by my blog and pick up some cute freebies! :)

Your latest follower,
Sharon Dudley, NBCT

Erica said...

Congrats on your nomination! I am your newest follower.

Sprinkles to Kindergarten

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