Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top Ten Things About Me

1.  I can't live without a Mt. Dew every morning.
2.  I have a serious addiction to shoes!
3.  I have 3 cats that treat me like a mom.
4.  I love "key lime" anything.
5.  My favorite color is pink.
6.  I get SO excited when I receive packages!
7.  I want to be a runner.
8.  I am a Gleek.
9.  I want a pool really badly.
10.  I love anything Kindergarten!  I love the kids, the stories, the art, the science, the math, the blogs, the music... anything Kindergarten!

from Go Fourth with Mrs. Owens


Anonymous said...

I can relate, but for me it's Diet Coke! :-)

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